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Welcome to!  This blog will give you all the information you need to let BlastOff! make your dreams come true!  BlastOff! is a revolutionalry multi-level marketing business that gives you the ability to profit from the billions of dollars spent on products and services purchased through the Internet each year. 

The program is simple and it is free and it has one of the highest conversion rates of any program EVER!!! What’s a conversion rate?  Well conversion rate is the amount of people who join the program out of all the people who were asked to join the program.  BlastOff’s conversion rate in testing has been at or above 25%!  When typical conversion rates are less than 1%, this is phenominal news and means you could be more successful promoting BlastOff than you ever dreamed!

So how does it work?  You receive an invitation or a link to signup for a FREE BlastOff! homepage.  That page is your home page for navigating the Web and you can customize it any way you want.  Add online tv, news, sports, cooking, social media and all other types of content to your page and modify as much as you want.  You’ll also receive access to offers only for BlastOff! members that save you hundreds of dollars on mobile phones and thousands of other products and services from the biggest companies on the Web. 

There’s more!   A lot more!  You also receive cashback on your purchases made through your BlastOff! home page.  If you want to stop there, then BlastOff! is still an awesome service.

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Stay tuned to this blog as BlastOff is just rolling out to select people and will not open up to the masses until mid-October. We’ll have a place for you to signup so you can get started telling family and friends about BlastOff and making your financial dreams a reality!